Our Founding Story

My whole working life i used to work in research & development departments for motor sport and armor industry. Than i became passionate about 3D printing since 2012 and grow up with the community and their needs – of cours their will be mine too.

I wanted to use my previous knowledge to implement them in additive manufacturing processes. Growing up with high quality awareness and necessary experience in materials science, i started to develop ZODIAC in 2018. The goal was to create the best 3d printing components in the world.

With ZODIAC nozzles we have laid the first milestone.

Emir Hamzic - Founder

Our Understanding of Quality

If we had to sum up in one sentence what distinguishes us, it would have to be this one: We live quality in every aspect of what we do. New product must provide new benefits to our customers.

Measuring Counts

Optical measuring of the roundness for quality assurance is an important feature. In the early production stage, we ensure that the used tools for the production of our nozzle are renewed and inspected at regular intervals.

Polishing Counts

Plasma-polished components receive particularly fine surface qualities. During the process no higher temperature than 100°C is experienced: The shape is retained and the structure remains stable.

Quality Counts

An important component of our quality control is the analysis of the coating by means of energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Only components that pass our 100% inspection are released for sale.


We live quality in every aspect of what we do.