The ZODIAC x PHAETUS Hotend was developed in cooperation with Phaetus.

It is designed for temperatures up to 500°C and it is the all-rounder among the hotends.

Some new features of the ZODIAC BMO/ BMS Hotend are:

- Carbon coated copper heating block

- Bi-metal heatbreak

- ZODIAC nozzle (standard with ZODIAC V6 CRB Series & optional ZODIAC V6 PRO Series)

- Anti-rotation device for nozzle replacement on the heat sink

The new design has been redesigned & optimised from the ground one.

We have improved the thermal management and simplified the maintenance of the Hotend for you.

The special coating on the Heat-block acts as an insulator and eliminates the need for a silicone base. The very smooth surface on the Heat-block makes it very easy to remove residue during printing.

The heat transition zone has been extended to reduce oozing and ensure highly precise extrusion. Heat creep is now eliminated!

The ZODIAC x PHAETUS is a masterpiece in design, function and reliability.