ZODIAC DDG Dual Drive Gear Set
ZODIAC DDG Dual Drive Gear Set

ZODIAC DDG Dual Drive Gear Set

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ZODIAC DDG Dual Drive Gear Set

Thanks to our careful manufacturing, high-end materials and superior coating your extruder will perform like never before. Don't fear slip or heavy deformation of your filament - ZODIAC Dual Drive Gears guarantee smooth extrusion for any filament type.


  • 1 x ZODIAC DDG Dual Drive Gear Set
Our Dual Drive Gears are the perfect upgrade for most extruders. With little effort, you can get even more reliability and consistency out of your 3D printer.

Precise manufacturing avoids heavy deformation of the filament and allows a constant extrusion process. All filament types can be used without adjustments.

Thanks to an ultra-hard DLC coating, wear on the teeth is kept to an absolute minimum. This means that the gears no longer need to be replaced or serviced.

  • DLC coating
  • Ultra-precise manufacturing
  • Very long service life
  • All Prusa MK3 Models
  • All Bondtech upgrade kits for Prusa
  • All Bondtech upgrade kits for Creality (BMG based)
  • All Bondtech upgrade kits for Wanhao (BMG based and custom)
  • Bondtech BMG (Bondtech Mini Geared) – standard and mirrored
  • Bondtech BMG-M (for Mosquito) – standard and mirrored
  • Bondtech BMG-X2 (dual extrusion) – CC 10.00 and CC 20.00
  • Bondtech BMG-X2-M (dual extrusion for Mosquito)
  • Bondtech for Flashforge Creator Pro 2016
  • Bondtech for Makerbot Replicator 2X
  • Bondtech for Makerbot Replicator 2 Single
  • Bondtech for Raise3D SingleDirect
  • Bondtech for Raise3D DualDirect
  • Bondtech for Tevo Tornado (BMG based)
Technical Details

For in-depth details of ZODIAC DDG set, please find our 'Technical Data sheet' here.

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