ZODIAC Bi-METAL Heatbreak (Hemera)
ZODIAC Bi-METAL Heatbreak (Hemera)

ZODIAC Bi-METAL Heatbreak (Hemera)

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ZODIAC Bi-METAL Heatbreak for Hemera Extrusion System


  • 1 x ZODIAC BI-METAL Heatbreak

Combines the best properties of both materials . While copper has a high thermal conductivity, the press fit stainless steel tube provides a sharp heat transition zone and reduces heatcreep significantly.
Thanks to the combination of both materials , your hotend can reach its maximum performance while controling the extrusion temperature on the hot- and coldend very precisely.
Each part undergoes 100% quality control and is only delivered in perfect condition.

  • Increases the volumetric flow ability
  • Reduces Oozing
  • Prolongs the Melt zone
  • Optimized heat transition zone reduces Heat creeps
  • Hemera Extrusion System
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